Are you getting the most out of your contracts?

Do you have a limited view of the existing contracts within your company, do you not practice contract monitoring or is it very difficult to adapt the contracts to changing needs or to legal and/or regulatory requirements?

If you are in one or more of these situations, you are probably missing out on opportunities to optimize the value of your contracts or you are exposing your business to legal and/or regulatory risks without fully knowing it.

  • We offer a process and methods for efficient contract management that will allow you to obtain the products and services that are agreed with the agreed terms from your suppliers, that you can change according to the needs of your organization or regulatory and/or legislative requirements.
  • We rely on a proven process and methods for the highly regulated (banking) industry that are also very adaptable to other industries.
  • Our partnership with 2 law firms allows us to provide you with support for your contracts: we can advise you on legal clauses, keep you informed of legal changes likely to impact the contracts which we are aware of.
  • We can help you chose  state of the art tech solutions for contract management: registration, monitoring of action plans, identification of contracts impacted by regulatory and/or legislative changes, structure of document organization, etc. these solutions are often seperate from those integrated in S2C and/or P2P solutions
  • Complete, up-to-date, reliable and relevant contract information
  • A process process to deliver the expected value of contracts and optimize them
  • Legal advice during contract negotiations and during the life-cycle of your contracts
  • Choose the right tech solution for your needs
  • Dynamic contract management processes and methods
  • Legal and regulatory support
  • An efficient and tailored tool