International Synergy

We help you make the most of your international presence, create internal benchmarks, improve your sourcing, adapt the structure of your contracts and create a collaborative governance system.
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Digitalization of procurement

We help you to transform and standardize processes within your organization, using efficient tools, chosen in collaboration with you, to allow your team to deliver the value you desire.
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Team, Skills and Organization

The right skills are essential to any task, which is why we offer a 360° approach. Using your business strategy, we identify the required skills, those you already possess and those you don’t and create a plan to train your existing talent pool or add to it via recruitment of new staff. We work by your side to identify all the options available to your organization and help you implement them. What skills are essential to you? Which actions generate revenue? Are you satisfied with how your team works together? Procopt International is here to answer all these questions along with our partner PurpleLead.
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Contract Management

After sales negotiations, the contract writing phase requires skills that procurement teams do not always have. They rely on legal experts to draft clear, robust clauses that comply with the law. Internal legal teams do not always have the required skills or time to deal with these demands. Our expert lawyers can support you in this important phase. Once contracts are in place, their management is often left to business members without support from the Procurement department. We propose a process and a methodology to optimize your contract management and make the most of the benefits expected by your company.
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What can we
offer you?

We’re passionate about our work. Every client is different depending on their specific circumstances, we’re here to understand and create bespoke solutions.

We deliver real results, using our market knowledge and adapting it to your company culture, the maturity of your organization and your strategic goals. We work to help you reach these objectives.

Areas of expertise
We would be happy to speak with you about any of our areas of expertise.


You have a procurement project and your company doesn’t have the required skills in-house? Let us deal with it. Thanks to our market knowledge and negotiation skills, we will get an agreement that meets your expectations and market standards.

Contract Management

Based on the findings that people in procurement are often not heavily involved in contract management, we have developed a process and knowledge base to add value throughout your contracts life-cycles.

Digitalization of the procurement process

After an analysis of your processes and the definition of a desired end-to-end process, we work with you to choose the best available and adapted solutions for your organization.

Legal and Governance

AAfter an analysis of your organization and the regulations that apply to your business activities, we work with you to develop a structure and policies necessary for decision making processes. Our partners are at your side to ensure contract clauses are adapted to the nature of the goods and services purchased. We stay up to date with changes in the law and can assist you in the necessary changes to your existing contracts.

Global Category Management

After analyzing your data, we work with you and your business partners to create a category plan which accounts for the market coverage and culture of the company. We have developed a method so you and your business partners can work together effectively. We create an action plan from the category plan, which you can put into place or you can leave the implementation to us.


Based on the fact that procurement teams don’t always have the necessary skills for all their projects, we can offer bespoke support options. If you need ad hoc support we’ll support your team, if you have more substantial needs, we can help with training and recruitment.
Some Case Studies

  • Recruiting for skills you don’t have in your teams can take time while your projects can’t wait.
  • Ad-hoc need for skills rather than a constant need.
  • A supplier can give you an outsider’s perspective and better analysis skills than your employees.
  • We have real on the job experience
  • Our business expertise is supplemented by our ability to work with cross-functional (and international) teams and to work constructively with key contacts as well as our ability to communicate at all levels of the company to provide the right information and the key decision-making factors.
  • We are bound by non-disclosure agreements, which is why we can not mention any of our client’s names on our site.
  • However, some of our client’s would be happy to testify about the quality of our work.
  • These references are available upon request.
  • The length of our contracts is variable.
    Depending on the duration of the contract, we will define an hourly or daily rate, so we can create a report of time spent on the contract.
  • The scope and goals of the contract are discussed with the client to determine the time needed for the contract.
  • We can work full or part time depending on the nature of the project.
  • Yes, it’s possible. We discuss this type of work on a case-by-case basis.
  • We work mainly on indirect procurement because we don’t have the necessary category skills outside of the banking sector.
  • In regards to recruitment, we can work with you for all types of profiles.
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